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The Configuration adapter manages proposals that update the DAO configs. These settings are usually used by different adapters and/or extensions.

The configs are defined as Numeric and Address types, and adapters/extension can read these settings from the DAO registry to take custom actions.

It is important to preserve these configs per DAO instance because if an adapter is replaced by a newer version, it is still possible to use that same config.

An example of that is the Onboarding adapter that uses the onboarding.tokenAddr configuration to get the token address that needs to be minted when a member joins the DAO.


Submit Proposal

  • A member of the DAO submits a Configuration proposal with the configs array, the proposal gets sponsored and the data is stored in the adapter. After that the proposal is up for vote. If a non member attempt to submit a proposal it will revert the call.
  • Only the configType indicated in the config object will get updated. It is not possible to update an address and a numeric config with the same config record and name. In order to do that you need to create a new entry in the configs array and submit that proposal with the correct configType.

Process proposal

  • If the proposalId is valid and the vote passed, then the configs are applied to the DAO based on each config type: address and numeric. In order to remove a config from the DAO, one just need to pass the value 0 for numeric and 0x0... (zero address) for the address type.

Access Flags#








  • key: the sha3 of the name of the configuration.
  • numericValue: the numeric value of the configuration if configType=0.
  • addressValue: the address value of the configuration if configType=1.
  • configType: the config type that will be updated: 0 = numeric, 1 = address.





Map of all proposals with the configurations values applied or to be applied to the DAO.



Creates and sponsors a new configuration proposal on behalf of the member calling the function.

  /**     * @notice Creates and sponsors a configuration proposal.     * @param dao The DAO Address.     * @param proposalId The proposal id.     * @param configs The keys, type, numeric and address config values.     * @param data Additional details about the financing proposal.     */    function submitProposal(        DaoRegistry dao,        bytes32 proposalId,        Configuration[] calldata configs,        bytes calldata data    ) external override reentrancyGuard(dao)


Processes a previously created configuration proposal by applying the configuration to the DAO.

  /**    * @notice Processing a configuration proposal to update the DAO state.    * @param dao The DAO Address.    * @param proposalId The proposal id.    */    function processProposal(DaoRegistry dao, bytes32 proposalId)        external        override        reentrancyGuard(dao)


  • No events are emitted.