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⚡️ TributeDAO Framework provides you a set of modular and extensible smart contracts to launch your DAO with minimal costs.


  • Node.js version >= 12.12.0 or above (which can be checked by running node -v). You can use nvm for managing multiple Node versions on a single machine installed
  • Git version 2.15.0 or above.
  • Solc version 0.8.0.

Creating the project#

The easiest way to start with TributeDAO Framework is to use the command line tool to clone the Github repository and install all the project dependencies.

We will use several projects to build and run the TributeDAO in your local environment, so please try to keep the following folder structure:

tribute-tutorial└───tribute-contracts (branch v1.0.0)│   │   .env│   │   ...|   |│   └───subgraph (branch v1.1.0)│       │   .env│       │   ...└───tribute-ui│     │   .env│     │   ...└───snapshot-hub (branch erc-712)    │   .env    │   docker-compose.yml    │   ...

Create and access the tutorial folder:

mkdir tribute-tutorial && cd tribute-tutorial

Clone and access the tribute-contracts Github repo:

git clone && cd tribute-contracts

Make sure you checkout the tag v1.0.0 which is the version that contains the contracts that work with TributeUI.

git checkout tags/v1.0.0 -b branch-v1.0.0

Install all the project dependencies and compile the smart contracts:

npm ci && npm run compile

The expected output from the compilation process should be:

...> Compiling ...> Artifacts written to ~/tribute-contracts/build/contracts> Compiled successfully using:   - solc: 0.8.0...

⚡️ That's is great! You have installed project dependencies, compiled all the smart contracts, and is prepared to configure the testnet deployment. Let's move to the next section!


Ask for help on Discord or on GitHub Discussions.