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⚡️ TributeDAO Framework provides you a set of modular and extensible smart contracts to launch your DAO with minimal costs.


  • Tribute Contracts version release-v2.4.0.

  • ⚙️ All the environment variables must be set in the .env file as indicated in the previous section.

  • 💲 You have ETH in your DAO Owner account (2 ETH should be more than enough).


Make sure you are on the branch release-v2.4.0 which is the version that contains the contracts integrated with TributeUI.

Deploying your DAO#

Execute the following command from the root of tribute-contracts folder to deploy all the contracts to Rinkeby:

npm run deploy rinkeby

🍺 Sit back and have some drink while the deployment script is executed. It may take from 10 to 20 minutes to create all the smart contracts.


The deployment is slow mainly because we publish all the smart contracts at once, even the ones that are not in use by the DAO or are just test contracts. We certainly don't do that for Mainnet deployments, but we are constantly working to improve the developer experience, and minimize the gas costs.


Set enabled: false to the contract configuration found in the tribute-contracts/configs/contracts.config.ts file, and that will remove the contract from the deployment. Be mindful on which contracts you are disabling, otherwise your DAO might not be functional.

At the end of the deployment process you should see the following output:

...************************************************DaoOwner: 0x...DaoRegistry: 0x...NFTCollectionFactory: 0x...BankFactory: 0x......************************************************
Deployed contracts: ~/Development/tribute-contracts/build/deployed/contracts-rinkeby-YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ZZZ.json
Deployment completed at: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ZZZ
- Saving migration to chain.   > Saving migration to chain.   > Saving artifacts   -------------------------------------   > Total cost:     0.062332692391045646 ETH

⚡️ Awesome!! You have deployed your DAO to the Rinkeby test network, and now it is time to interact with it using our dApp called Tribute UI. Checkout the next section to dive into that.


Ask for help on Discord or on GitHub Discussions.