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Overview & Benefits

⚡️ TributeDAO Framework will help you ship a extensible, and modular DAO with a low cost.


The Tribute DAO Framework is under constant development, and the code has not been officially audited.

Overview and Benefits#

TributeDAO is a new modular, low cost DAO framework. The framework aims to improve DAOs by fixing the:

  • Lack of modularity: which has created challenges both in terms of extending, managing, and upgrading DAOs;
  • Rigid voting and governance mechanisms: which limit the ability to experiment with additional forms of governance;
  • High costs: especially for onchain voting;
  • Single token DAO structures: which make it difficult to divide up economic and governance rights and create teams or sub-groups; and
  • Lack of NFT Support: which makes it difficult for DAOs to be deployed for NFT projects.

The TributeDAO framework aims to address these issues, as part of our quest to make DAOs the dominant form of organization. As the growing number of participants in DAOs know, there is no “one size fits all” for managing any organization. DAOs need low cost and easy to develop components that can be assembled like lego blocks to fit the needs of the organization and its membership.

Proposed Evolution of MolochDAO Framework#

The TributeDAO framework is our team's tribute to the MolochDAO ecosystem. As many know, MolochDAO brought new life to DAOs. Through an elegant smart contract design, this smart contract framework brought DAOs back to life, helping us push beyond the fiery depths of “The DAO.”

Last year, we worked to evolve the initial MolochDAO smart contracts by assisting with the creation of Moloch v2, which enabled multiple token support, “guildkicks” to remove unwanted members, and “loot” to issue non-voting shares still entitled to financial distributions. These upgraded contracts were built with “venture” and similar investment transactions in mind, allowing for more effective swaps and control over tokenized assets and membership.

The TributeDAO framework hopes to provide teams looking to deploy DAOs with several enhancements and improvements, including:

  • Simpler code - each module is responsible for only one function which reduces coupling and makes the system easier to understand.
  • Adaptability - each part of the DAO can be adapted to the needs of a particular DAO without the need to audit the entire code base every time.
  • Upgradability - modules can be easily upgraded as necessary. For example, as the voting process evolves over time the module responsible for managing the voting process can be upgraded without changing any other modules or the Core Contract. Modules can also be used by multiple DAOs without the need to be redeployed.